Women's Ministry Leaders,
Lisa Ward & Beverly Key

Mission Statement

First and foremost, we want to make sure that every woman knows that God is crazy about her and loves her no matter where she has come from or what she has done. As women, we desire to grow more in love with God, His Word and each other, and to demonstrate that love by the way we live. Through all that, we in the women's ministry believe that God will transform us from ordinary to extraordinary women after God's own heart.

How to Get Involved

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Message from the Leader

We pray for you and we know that God has brought you here for a reason. Our goal is for you to feel welcome and feel the love of Christ through us. We want you to know that God is a loving, redeeming God of second chances—its never too late. There is nothing you could ever do past, present, or future that is outside the grace of God. We ask God to fill our hearts with His love and forgiveness so we are able to show that to our fellow sisters in Christ. Join us for our next event. We can't wait to see you there!

 — Woman's Ministry Leaders, Lisa Ward & Beverly Key